Beef: Kimbella And Juelz Santana’ Parting Gift


Kimbella Vanderhee and her rapper boy friend, Juelz Santana have gone through a lot together since 2009. But obviously this seems like the end of the road for the lovers as they took took twitter to ram in their beef.kibella n juelz

According to sources, Juelz Santana posted on twitter saying saying men should never let a woman cripple them into being what they want them to be: “Don’t let No Woman Cripple U Into Being the Person They What U 2B.” But Kimbella didn’t like the tweet claiming no woman is powerful enough to stop a man’s determination on Instagram.

She agreed that she knows Juelz may be going through something personal, but that she will never allow him to disrespect her. While giving her story explaining why she think he is mad, saying he’s upset that she has her own everything, including money, car, home and kids that she takes care of.

Source: Vladtv, VH1






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